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What Is The Catlin Arctic Survey?

March 9, 2011

The Catlin Arctic Survey is a unique collaboration between scientists and explorers to undertake field research in the Arctic.

While there is much debate about our changing environment, one thing is absolutely clear: we need more factual information. The Catlin Arctic Survey enables the monitoring, measuring and collection of factual information to improve scientific understanding of the processes involved in, and the impacts of, climate change.

2011 marks the third Catlin Arctic Survey. The 2010 Catlin Arctic Survey focused on ocean acidification, a phenomenon threatening microscopic creatures that form the basis of the marine food web. The 2009 Catlin Arctic Survey sought to answer an important environmental question: how long will the Arctic Ocean’s sea ice cover remain a year-round surface feature of our planet?

This year, scientists and explorers are researching how increasing amounts of fresh water entering the Arctic Ocean may impact thermohaline circulation – a global ocean circulation system that affects climate and weather patterns worldwide.

Four explorers will brave bitter conditions to take crucial measurements for a programme devised by our principal research partner, Dr Simon Boxall of the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton.

While at a unique ‘Ice Base’, scientists from the US, UK and Canada will undertake field research with the support of experienced polar explorers and guides.

Catlin Group Limited is the primary sponsor of the Catlin Arctic Survey.

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